Get ready for Igloofest

Each year, Montreal welcomes thousands of electronic music fans to the bays of Old Port for an event of massive proportions: Igloofest. In 2014, this huge bash, which is among the most highly anticipated winter events, runs on select dates from Jan. 16 through Feb. 8 at the Jacques-Cartier Quay. If you're interested in taking part in the festivities, book your room at a downtown Montreal hotel and order your tickets in advance because they tend to sell out fast.

Established in 2006, Igloofest is one of the most popular festivals of the season. Patrons get to dance under the twinkling stars as the electronic beats provide exhilarating entertainment for the fest – an array of local and international disc jockeys will turn tables throughout the night. The quay turns into "Igloo Village," a temporary display of breathtaking architecture with decor comprised of ice and steel flourishes.

Visitors staying at a world-class establishment such as the Westin Montreal Hotel can enjoy easy access to Igloofest – the grounds are only 1 kilometre away. You can also take advantage of the establishments stunning downtown views and luxurious accommodations and amenities.

Prepare for an Evening of Lies

While the general population will agree that lying is bad, the people of Montreal are setting aside an evening to embrace the deceitful act. On Nov. 19, the Maison Saint-Gabriel Museum will host Evening of Lies - a night of storytelling, exaggeration and laughter. The museum is located in the Griffintown neighbourhood, just a short drive from your accommodations at the Westin Montreal Hotel.

For this unique event, visitors will be entertained by six narrators, each with a keen ability to bend the truth. One of these stories will be true – or at least more true than the others – and it's up to the audience to judge. You're encouraged to boo the bard when you feel he's being deceptive in his or her storytelling. At the end of the night, the crowd will vote for the three best liars. Then, the fibbers will go on to compete for the top spot as the master of liars. The  night's festivities will be led by host Eric Michaud, who is also an experienced storyteller.

If you're interested in this intriguing night of tall tales, start shopping for downtown Montreal hotel rooms and prepare for a trip to Quebec's largest cities and one of the most dazzling in the province.

Theatre Maisonneive presents “Cirkopolis”

If you're interested in experiencing a unique world of acrobatics and theatre, reserve a room at the downtown Montreal hotel between Nov. 13 and 24, when the Theatre Maisonneuve presents "Cirkopolis." This show features the multidisciplinary performers of Cirque Eloize, the city's beloved cast of contemporary circus artists.

For "Cirkopolis," an original production by Cirque Eloize, 12 acrobats and other performers come together to put on a dark yet vibrant story that takes place in a dismal factory town. The setting is a futuristic world inspired by those in stories such as Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" and Terry Gilliam's Brazil," introducing a cast of inspiring characters. Determined to escape the limitations of their humdrum lives, the characters reinvent themselves and find freedom from the harsh conditions and mundane routine of their daily lives.

Theatre Maisonneuve is one of the city's most unique establishments – a modern-day remake of a traditional Italian theatre that hosts everything from stand-up comedy to film screenings. It's also conveniently located in the heart of Old Montreal, only a stone's throw from the Westin Montreal Hotel, where you can take advantage of stunning downtown views and access to all the attractions and excitement of a world-class city.

Football and art fans unite at Festival PITCH

Montreal is home to a vibrant arts scene, featuring countless film screenings, musical performances and exhibits each year, and it's also abundant with football fans. The city hosts an array of fairs and other special events that commemorate these cultural aspects, but one in particular combines them both: Festival PITCH. This highlight event takes place between Nov. 13 and 15 at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre located in the Griffintown neighbourhood, just a few kilometres from the Westin Montreal Hotel.

This three-day festival is a cultural showcase that celebrates football as an art. It welcomes people all across the Quebec province who are passionate about the sport to take part in events and activities related to what it dubs the "Beautiful Game." Fall 2013 is the first time PITCH will take place, and it will present short films, art exhibits and installation and live musical entertainment geared specifically toward football lovers. Some of the featured films include "Les Rebelles du Foot," "Ladies' Turn" and "Casuals."

Whether you're a fan of the sport or of art in general, this event is slated to be an exciting experience. It's also expected to attract a lot of visitors, so anyone interested in attending should book their downtown Montreal hotel room in advance.

Kick off the holidays with the Santa Claus Parade

With the holidays coming up fast, it's time to start thinking about ways to get in the spirit. The people of Montreal already have an array of festive activities leading up to Christmas. If you would like to take part in a merry event, reserve a room at a downtown Montreal hotel and head to Quebec Nov. 23, when the city hosts the Santa Claus Parade.

The parade, which kicks off at 11 a.m., runs through the downtown neighbourhood along Saint-Catherine Street West. The popular tradition is a family-friendly affair that attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. You'll enjoy a multitude of festive scenes and entertaining performances as more than 1,000 characters parade through the streets. It features about 20 different floats, music, dancing, singing and, of course, Santa Claus himself.

Bring the whole family along or making this an adults-only excursion. Either way, it's the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. Turn the Saturday event into a whole weekend of merriment with a stay at the Westin Montreal Hotel. It offers stylish accommodations coupled with stunning views of downtown Montreal, so you don't even have to leave the comforts of your hotel room to watch the parade march by.